Scott & Natalia McKellips

The Proven Realty team of Allan, Anida, & Laura are awesome! They did in 4 months what our last Realtor couldn't do in 3 years. Great service and experience. Absolutely the best!

Barbara Jill T

Your team is professional with excellent service. You and your team were always accessible and listened to me wonderfully. I would definitely recommend Proven Realty Partners! 

Brandon S. & Casey M.

The team at Proven Realty took the time to get to know us and really delivered when it came to showing us homes that fit our wants, needs, and budget. The team was friendly and easy to get in touch with when we needed. Thanks for helping us find the right home for us!

Erin Delaney

We met Allan about a year before we were planning on buying/selling our home in Madison. He stayed in touch and about a year later, he showed us our dream home. After jumping through a bunch of hoops and staying attentive to us throughout the entire process...we were able to close on our new home. Allan has continued to stayed in touch throughout the years and we will continue to refer him to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home.

Andrew Turner

Sheri helps individuals and families figure out their housing needs and then figures out what home will match what those needs. I think both parts are important. People usually have broad ideas about what they want but Sheri has experience in helping put those needs into specifics and balancing issues like cost, value, tradeoffs, etc. Then she helps match those needs with a home that fits those needs. Finally, our experience was that she was very friendly, patient, and helpful which made the process more enjoyable. I felt that we could trust Sheri to keep our best interests in mind and help us get where we needed to go.

Lisa Lawry

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. It is important to partner with a REALTOR® who is highly knowledgeable of the local housing market. Trustworthiness, integrity, and patience are equally important. Allan White exhibits these traits and more. Allan is a well respected professional who comes highly recommended by all who work with him.

Ryan Roling

Working with Sheri allowed me to get to know her as a professional, and as a person. She was always gracious and courteous with us as we met with her, even though we often had hectic meetings because of our three young children. Not only was Sheri never affected by this, she never even seemed bothered by the extra noise in the least way. Sheri was completely professional and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us get into the perfect home for our family. Sheri was thoughtful and always answered our questions in a very timely matter. She thought of every detail, even when she went on vacation, she made herself available to us if needed. Working with Sheri was really enjoyable and I would recommend her to any of my friends or family.

Joe Tegtmeier

My wife had wanted a home for years. I happened to be standing next to Allan at the Post Office and he was wearing a jacket with his company logo. I asked him more about his company and we established a connection. Prior to meeting Allan, I had not been interested in originally working with his company. Over the next 2 years Allan worked with me and my wife. He brought just the right amount of assistance without over-selling. He was very patient, as we (I) needed quite a bit of convincing. Upon deciding to move forward with a purchase, he was excellent in helping throughout the process of buying and building a home. He knew his stuff and still does. We still live in our home today and are very happy I met Allan. I would strongly recommend Allan White.

Trevor Nagle

Personable. Responsive. Knowledgeable. Top-Notch. Allan exemplifies these qualities in his work with clients. In our homebuying experience, every interaction with Allan exceeded our expectations. His attention to detail, namely our needs and goals, along with his willingness to ferry us through the entire homebuying process speak volumes to Allan's professionalism and customer value orientation. I would recommend him to anyone embarking on a similar journey.
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